Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2nd, 2013

Boy have I got something great for you to see.  My experiences in stained glass have really been the most unique. I really do not care for creating stained glass art just to do it. There is always a story behind the works that I put together. I say put together because the works are inspirations. I can speak with certainty that the Lord is behind everything I do. As much as I love the cutting glass, working the glass patterns together, I know that the outcome will always be right because I'm being lead by the greatest Artist. I have found out from past works that when I start following my own ideas its just not going to be successful. But when I commit to His plan the work in right on top.

If you don't believe me try it for yourself.

At Rich Acres Christian Church in Martinsville, VA the pastor Tim Hunt (what a spokesman for God) got the church family to read a book titled "The Story". This book is so unique in that its like reading the Bible but without a lot of hard to understand passages and who beget who and yet nothing is taken away from the Holy Bible nor is anything added to change the Word. Each Sunday Tim would build his message around the chapters and the church family would get a fantastic understand of God's Word.

Ok!, enough background. Well almost. I was so inspired by the book. I just couldn't put it down, read it long before the end of the sermons.  The cover of the book really shook me up. It just has so much of a message of its own.  So, I prayed asking for guidance on creating a stained glass window to help possible inspire others.

Here is what the Lord sent me . . .

One of the unique features of this window is that the shadow of the Crown cannot be seen when view at night with the room lights on. The window has to have daylight to be seen correctly.

The Israelites  wanted a King to deliver them from Roma's oppression, thus they view the Messiah as a king who would take power over the present government. God's plan was not their plan. God sent a King of salvation that would free us from our sins and give us direct access to Him.

I pray that I am not miss quoting. If so please post your corrections.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 8th, 2012

A member of one of the local Masonic Lodges ask me to produce this works to be placed within the entrance foyer of their lodge. The window sash and cedar wood was furnished by the member. I constructed the window framing and edging. The cedar was used to enclose the frame around the window. Brass sheeting was used to create a metal roofing look. The idea was to make the completed window reflect the long standing importance of the lodge and its effect on the men who the present and past members.

Once the basic design was agreed upon I made my drawings and layout. There are a lot of sections that the designs have been painted and fired in order to get the complete effect of an individual object. Some times the firing caused the glass to darken and created a total different look from the original glass color.

This has been a very interesting and challenging work.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

This year the

The Week Of Easter window was displayed at the Park Elem Independent Living facility located in Roanoke Va.  

My mother lives there. My dad's two sisters and my uncle,  Alma,  Frances & Mac also are residences.  

This is the second time the window has visited Park Elem. The first was only for a couple of days and many residents missed the showing.  Upon request the window was displayed for two weeks.

There were a lot of wonderful comments. I had the opportunity to give an accounting of the creating of the window to a small group right after the window arrived.  

But what was the most rewarding part of the windows visit was after I returned to pick up the window. I got to visit briefly with my aunt and uncle, Frances & Mac. Frances ask me why I didn't have anything with the window that said who created the window. "I think that you should want others to know that you did this" she said.

My reply was simple and to the point . " I didn't create this, God did. I only assembled.   All the glory is God glory."



Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 10, 2011  Prayer is so powerful. Faith in God and understanding His Word is so important to me. I listened to Dr. Charles Stanley, from Atlanta GA, this morning. His message was all about prayer. You should try to find today's message online. It will be well worth the effort.

I've created several windows that deal with the praying hands theme. This is one created with His blessings about two years ago.
July 10, 2011    About 2 years ago I was watching the "Hour of Power" from the Crystal Cathedral. One of the guest singers was Kerris Oaks. She sang the song "Take Your Candle, Go Light the World". I was so moved by the song's message,  Kerris' rendition and prayer that the window was created.

Today I still listen about every other day to Ms. Oaks sing the song as sung that Sunday.
July 10, 2011  This is an earlier works that was taken from a pattern I found in a glass house in Christiansburg VA. The owner had the same piece in display and another customer had also recreated it. All were with different border glass.
I gave this to my daughter.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Week Of Easter

This is a Stained Glass works created through the guidance of God. It tells the story of the week of Easter starting with Palm Sunday and ending with the Christ's Ascension to be at the right hand of God.

The structure is to represent a church window as it would be mounted  and view from the outside of the church. The actual window sash was taken from the Central Baptist Church of Bearden in Knoxville TN. My parents were members of the church when it was undergoing renovation to the sanctuary in the 70's. Members were offered the windows if they would remove them. Dad called me asking if I was interested and got me four sashes like the one seen here plus one sash with an arched top. All sashes were glazed with an amber/white milky color of stained glass. I was able to salvage about 80% of the panes intact.

Thirty years later I took up stained glass design and construction. The windows had been stored in an old house that was soon to be torn down. Upon rescuing them again I decided to create stories based on Biblical stories in the Bible. Asking for God's guidance in all of my work I was sent the designs and glass to use to create the Week of Easter story. In each of the twelve panes a piece of the original glass was included in the works.

My goal is to witness God's wonderful greatness by allowing any church to use this creation in a ministry service. The individual images of each of the twelve panes can be supplied in JPEG format to be included with Power Point for wall projection.

This year Rich Acres Christian Church, Martinsville, VA, will be using this creation in part of their week long Easter program.

If you have an interest email me.



His Will Prayer




False Idol

King's Crown

 The Price Paid

Life in Christ


The Ascension

At present time I am working on a window that tells the story of the 23rd Psalm. God has guided me in the designing and choosing of glass. There are still 3 panes left to be created. When He shows me what to do they will be finished and the window will also be offered for use in ministry.